Wednesday, February 29, 2012

stand by me: the book review

We all know the Yada Yada Sisters right?  Neva Jackson has now expanded on that series and has started the SouledOut Sister Series. This one is not as good as the Yada Yada (that's hard to beat) but it is better than her last series with Gabby Fairbanks.  This series takes on Avis, the leader of the Yada Yada group. The reader now gets to know her as a person rather than as the "saint" that all the Yada Yadas veiw her as.  Avis is not only mother-earthy and a powerful leader with an intimate relationship with God, but she also is a sucker when it comes to her daughter, a bit predjudice, and quiet frankly, a grouch.  There, I said it, saint Avis is a crabby pants.  Sharing the lead role in the SouledOut series is Kat.  Kat is a graduate student who is getting a "urban experience", whatever that is, by living in Chicago and going to a multicultural church.  She is Avis' new neighbor, the oil to her water.  Kat has all the answers, just ask her, she'll tell you.  Her favorite pastime is dumpster diving.  No she isn't hungery, she just doesn't want to waste food.  She's not eating it by the way, she's passing it out to all the people of color she sees.  She is about as tactful as a bull in heat.  Anyway, the two bash about Chicago, clashing and fixing each other's problems as they go.  Stand By Me is not only about the mixing of races in society and its value, but mostly it's about the mixing of generations and how important it is to never lose touch with what you were and will be. This is an enjoyable book, a quick read, and wonderful fresh look at the Yada Yada books. I received "Stand By Me" by Neva Jackson for free from

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