Friday, May 18, 2012

brush of angel's wings review

"Brush of Angel's Wings" by Ruth Reid is the second book in the Heavan on Earth series.  It ties in with some of the side characters from the first book "Promise of an Angel".  I looked forward to this book coming out since I read the first one and it did not disappoint.  Reid is looking to be a promising author that women will be waiting in line for her books to come out.  In Promise, the angel, Nathaniel, looked and acted more like a real guy.  In Wings, Nathaniel, is more the angel-on-your-shoulder variety.  He even comes with a devil on the other shoulder, Tangus.  At first this seems a little old school cartoon like, but after awhile it starts to become rather frightening.  Tangus just does not let up.  The fight over good and evil takes on a more meaningful approach. 
In this novel, Jordan, a half-Amish half-Englisher, comes to live with his mother's family, an uncle and work among the Amish in the fields and with the horses. He is not good at it.   He meets Rachel, a Tom-boy, who can't cook to save her life.  He loves her.  The battle over right and wrong follow the two as they decide what to do with themselves and their relationship with each other as well as with God.  I received this book for free from

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