Sunday, May 27, 2012

The Unholy Review

Heather Graham can write anything.  She does mystery, romance, supernatural, you name it, she can write it.  In "The Unholy" she covers all three. Though this isn't one of my favorites, it is still a pretty good mystery.  I never figured out the killer til she gave it up.  I had the accomplice almost right away, but never did get the Vengence.  This novel takes place in Hollywood at a movie studio in the department specializing in special effects, as in costumes and make up mostly.  Madison works in costumes and she also sees dead people.  In the museum of the studio, a murder is committed while on lockdown, placing the blame on the studio owner's son.  The FBI is called in, a team specializing in talking to the dead, coinsidently, and Sean, the leader of the FBI team, works with Madison to solve the crime.  Some of the hauntings seem a little corny.  For instance, Madison is friends with Bogie, as in Humphrey Bogart, the dead guy.  The relationship between Sean and Madison quickly turns romantic, which is handled well.  It doesn't seem rushed or overly lustful.  It is a normal romance.  I liked this one, I have read better from her, but still, it's nothing to sneeze at.  Good book.  I received "The Unholy" by Heather Graham for free from

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