Saturday, June 23, 2012

hemingways girl review

I received "Hemingway's Girl" by Erika Robuck for free from  Earlier in the year I read "The Paris Wife" and though I thought Hemingway was a nut and so were any woman who wanted to be with him, I needed to read this book when it became available. I, too, had become strangely attracted to the man.  The Paris novel is about Hemingway and his first wife when he got started writing.  Girl is about when he later came to Key West and lived with his second wife after he became famous.  The girl in "Hemingway's Girl" is not the wife, but the maid.  It is her story about falling in and out of love with Hemingway and ultimately becoming his friend.  During her fall into friendship she meets a WWI vet, Galvin, and he becomes her true love. 
If you have read "Paris", and didn't like the style in which is was written (over-the-top descriptive) don't let that hold you back on "Girl".  It is written in a completely different style.  A much more modern telling.  I give it 4 stars.  Very good.

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