Saturday, June 30, 2012


June wasn't a big reading month.  Too many activities for kids, too many 100 degree days I had to work.
The Messenger- Siri Mitchell
Becoming Marie Antoinette- Juliet Grey
Band of Brothers- Stephen Ambrose
#1 Suspect- James Patterson
Hemingway's Girl- Erika Robuck
Where Lilacs Still Bloom- J. Kirkpatrick
11th Hour- James Patterson
50 Shades of Grey
One was an audio book, two were digital, rest were real books.  My account of the totally famous "Grey" book.  This is the dumbest book ever written.  It's about a girl who miraculously is a 22 year old never-been kissed virgin who meets a billionaire 26 year old self made man. Yeah, follows reality close, eh?  Then they immediately start a never ending always climaxing sex marathon complete with rods in order to beat her with if she misbehaves.  On a regular basis he says things like "sit", "eat", "good girl".  Yeah, that always turns me on, too.  And of course everytime he looks at her she has an orgasm.  ALWAYS.  She is the most orgasmic girl in the history of the  world. Oh, and the list!  They actually had a list of rules of things that could not be done, like they can't light each other on fire.  I can't tell you how many times I wished I had written that one down. I am totally bummed I paid for this thing.    When I read fantasy romance I want my guy to be fiction.  You know, nice, considerate, sexy, romantic, you know, fantasy.  There are men waiting in line to boss women around and smack them.  Why would we want to pay to read about it?

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