Thursday, July 12, 2012

Amish at War

"Arms of Love" by Kelly Long is about an amish couple during the Revolutionary War.  Adam is the abused grown son of the bishop who was also abused at a child. Lena is the woman he loves whose mother has just died in child birth and whose father is held prisoner by the patriots for not giving his property or fighting.  Lena's mother has made Adam promise that after she died he would not continue his relationship with Lena while still living under his father's rule. He decides to break up with Lena and join the war for freedom.  His freedom. Meanwhile, Lena must figure out a way to survive on her own, without Adam's help, and raise her three younger siblings. 
The story seems out of sorts.  It seems hard to believe that Adam would honor the promise to a dead woman and that at the age he is, still refuse to leave his father.  The plot seems pushed and unrealistic.  I recently read two other books about a group of people who can't fight due to religion (Quakers and Amish) and come to support the war fighting or in alternative ways.  Maybe the reason I didn't like this one so much was due to me being tired of religions and wars going together in a book with a splash of romance.  Need to pick a different kind of book for awhile.  I received this book for free from

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