Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Amish cookin'

"The Amish Family Cookbook" by Jerry and Tina Eicher is a collection of recipes used by Amish and in books with Amish in them.  I learned one thing from reviewing this book and that is that I don't like using a kindle for a cookbook.  This book doesn't include a "go to" button to each chapter.  So it makes flipping through impossible.  I also do not have a kindle fire, so no pictures were available to me either.  Pictures are a must have in a cookbook.
But as for the cookbook itself, it is pretty good.  The last Amish cookbook I used tended to be variations of stews and soups, this one is a more modern style of cooking.  Amish cook pretty much like everybody else, more vegetables and desserts maybe, but this one is pretty contemporary.  I bookmarked several recipes to try at a later date and made the buttermilk cake.  Good, by the way.  I especially like the venison recipes that were included.  I am always looking for new ways to serve deer.  I highly recommend this book, especially for say, a new bride.  Has a lot of basic learn to cook recipes.  I would however, recommend getting a regular book and not a digital.  I recieved this book for free from

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