Sunday, July 8, 2012

Amish in the Civil War

"The Face of Heaven" by Murray Pura is a romance placed during the Civil War.  The novel is heavy on Civil War and light on romance.  Lyndel and Nathaniel are friends who live in the same Amish community in Lancaster County during the 1860's.  While working the farm Lyndel finds two runaway slaves hiding in her barn.  She goes to the aid of her brother and his best friend, Nathaniel, to keep them safe.  Eventually they are caught and there becomes somewhat of a civil war between the Amish on whether the Amish should be for or against slavery.  For or against fighting for slavery.  Nathaniel choses to leave the community and fight on the side of the north to end slavery; Lyndel follows him and serves as a nurse for the North.  The book follows them throughout the war.
This novel has a lot of information on Civil War.  At times it reads like a text book.  The romance and the characters take a backseat to the details of the war.  There almost is no plot beyond the war.  I, a history buff and not a huge fan of Amish fiction, thought that was in favor of the book, however, I can see someone who was looking for more romance or Amish being disappointed.  I would recommend this book to all history lovers, especially women, but not so much to your run of the mill romance reader.  I received this book for free from

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