Friday, September 14, 2012

in the heart of texas is a rocky mountain high

"Blue Straggler" by Kathy Lynn Harris is a novel about a Texas girl who goes to Colorado to find information about her grandmother and winds up finding it about herself. Imagine Jennifer Weiner writing a book about Chelsea Handler. It is funny, odd, adventurous, and makes you want to travel. It starts off with Bailey in Texas with her wacko family and her screwball friends.  After a couple of drunken binges and a one night stand, Bailey finds a picture of her great grandmother, whom no one will talk about.  Annie, the grandmother, left her family and went to Colorado.  She then proceeded to marry over 5 times.   Bailey is on the search.  When arriving in the small town in Colorado, she proceeds to have more drunken binges and one night stands, thus, she comes to face the fact that she understands a little more about Annie then she first expected.  She then meets Adam, your traditional sensitive mountain man.  She starts a new life.  Then Texas comes calling and a decision must be made.  This is a quick read, but enjoyable.  Would recommend it for women.  I received this book for free from

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