Thursday, September 6, 2012

wildflowers review

"Wildflowers From Winter" by Katie Ganshert is a novel about an appearingly selfish and rude woman who has left her hometown with a strange fear of returning, to make it big in Chicago.  She returns for the illnesses and eventual deaths of her friend's husband and her own grandfather.    Bethany, had a rough childhood, but still comes across as hard to like for the most part.  However, that doesn't stop "Wildflowers" from being a book you can't put down. 
The basic agenda of the book is that being Christian is a good thing, and that those that judge others in the name of Christianity tend to be nutjobs and not actually Christian.  This book gives the reader an understanding on the difference.  It is predictible, but most romances are.  Romance is a side story to the Christian vs nutjobs storyline.  I like this one and I think most will too.  Especially if you are on the fence about being Christian or not due to PC appearance.  I received this book for free from 

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