Sunday, September 30, 2012

what would you do?

What would you do if you lived in Germany in the 1930's?  Would you leave the only home you ever knew?  Would stay and fight for a change?  Would you keep your head down and hope for the best?  Rebecca and Eli are a Christian/Jewish couple who have to make this decision.  "The Day the Flowers Died" by Ami Blackwelder in an e-book I received for free from  Blackwelder starts the book with Rebecca and Eli meeting, dating and falling in love, in regular traditional fashion.  Eli is Jewish and Rebecca is Catholic.  Neither is a die-hard practicer in their faith.  It's more like their parents are religious and they celebrate the holidays.  To start off with their religious difference make little or no difference.  But as Blackwelder plays out social and political control of the Nazi party and its growth, it comes to matter more and more. 
The beginning starts off in a play-by-play style, making it hard to get into, but then Blackwater starts to hit her stride.  She gives reasoning on how and why Nazis and Hitler came to power and how easy it was with a government that is evenly balanced and at a stand still with a weak president.  Sound familiar?  Once she got going Blackwelder became a marvelous writer who hooked the reader.  The best part was that it didn't cover the usual Nazi/Jew story and tell of life in the camps.  It is about the build up of the power and the attempts to get out of the country.  The sensitive will need tissues at the end.  Just to warn ya.

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