Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Another Angel

"An Angel by Her Side" by Ruth Reid is such a sweet romance.  This is the third in her Angel series.  They do not have to be read in order.  In this novel, the angel takes on human form that all can see and he also is the angel on the shoulder variety complete with devil on the other shoulder.  Elias, the angel, helps Katie Bender, a teacher in an Amish community, and Seth, a bee hive maker from a neighboring community, not only fall in love, but help Amos and his family after Amos looses his way from the Lord along with his eyesight and his wife and daughter. 
A tornado has hit the county while Seth is visiting his brother-in-law, Amos.  Katie is at the school with her class when they seek shelter in the cellar.  Seth, also seeks shelter in the same shelter and the sparks start to fly.  With helping Amos following an accident, Katie spends a lot of time with Seth and the romance continues.  In this novel they are in their late twenties, so the romance is much more adult and realistic.  I really like Reid.  She writes Amish, which isn't my favorite, but I am really liking her.  I received this book for free from

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