Friday, February 1, 2013

Library Lover's Month

Today is Library Lover's Month.  I love the library.  Not only because I can go be with my own kind, but because the books are free.  The books are plentiful.  I own and love my kindle, but sometimes I just like to feel, open, flip and stroll through the books, run my finger along the spines while they are all in a row.  I go to three librarys depending on the town I am in at the time.  Ottawa Public is probably used the most by me, mostly because it is in the town that I work in and it is open on Saturdays.  I also use Pomona Community, but generally only in the summer.  They have a great Summer Reading Program that I take my kids to.  They aren't open Saturdays and don't have a huge selection so they are not what I use most of the time.  I also use Overbrook from time to time.  They have a big log cabin in the middle for  the kids.  Big enough 2 or 3 adults could sit in.  Don't go there very often, no reason to ever go to Overbrook unless I'm on my way to Topeka.  Tomorrow is Take Your Child to the Library.  I plan to do that too. 
Of the 11 books I read this month, five were from the Ottawa Library or through the interlibrary loan.  Here are the books I read in January:

Come to the Table- Neta Jackson
*The Walnut Tree- Charles Todd
The Third Bullet- Stephen Hunter
*Full of Heart- JR Martinez
If you Have a Craving- Sheri Rose Shepherd
*Prague Winter- Madeleine Albright
Christmas in Apple Ridge (with Sounds of Sleigh Bells and Dawn of Christmas)- Cindy Woodsmall
*Perish Twice- Robert Parker
The Air We Breathe- Christa Parrish
*The Rope- Nevada Barr

*means from a library.

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