Friday, January 3, 2014

burning sky review

"Burning Sky" by Lori Benton is not the Christian historical novel that you expect.  Willa "Burning Sky" was kidnapped by Mohawk Indians when she was 14 shortly before the Revolutionary War.  She was hidden and kept for 12 years.  She had married a Mohawk and had children before she went back to her childhood home near Shiloh.  When she arrives she takes in a wounded man and they live in her parents abandoned home.  She comes back in contact with her childhood friends and neighbors only to discover that she is not entirely welcome and her parents are believed to be Tories.
In this novel, Willa is not your typical damsel in distress.  She is a tough, independent woman who has blended both worlds into one being.  She cares little for reputation or propriety.  She wants what she in entitled to and is willing to fight for it.  The reader will come to love Willa quickly.  This novel also covers the centuries old ordeal of post traumatic stress disorder or whatever it is called during whatever war is happening at the time.  This is a good novel and I give it a A-.  I received this book for free from blogging for books at Multnomah publishing.

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