Friday, January 31, 2014

my nook!!!

This fall I won a 7" Nook HD from a giveaway on for "Amish Christmas Boxed Set" by Becca Fisher.  In case you were wondering, yes, people actually do win those things.  I honestly didn't believe I would ever receive it; clear until it showed up at my door!  Here it is! 
I have had some time to play with it and now I think I can give a clear review.  It is 7 inches, has internet access, clear pics, easy to load things both online and through the cord.  I had received a few books for review that I had not been able to read because they were in a format that wasn't readable on my kindle.  Now I can.  My daughter loves to play the apps.  I downloaded several free ones and she plays them on long trips  and at countless JV basketball games her brother is in.  I bought a cover for it.  I would highly recommend doing that.  On the down side:  leaving the wi-fi on really runs down the battery, so we leave it off unless downloading.  This would make surfing the web a little tough for very long.  I don't usually surf much on the Nook.  Maybe look up something quick, but I have a phone with 3G so I really don't need to do that on the Nook.  You also receive gift cards from Barnes and Noble when you register, so that gives you some books to start out with.  I still love my Kindle and it is my main e-book reader, but I also love the Nook and am really glad I have it. 

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