Thursday, January 16, 2014

jewel bundle review

The Jewel Bundle 1 is the first two novels in the Jewel Trilogy by Hallee bridgeman:  "Sapphire Ice" and "Greater Than Rubies".   Both books are so short they could really be one novel.  The total is about 300 pages.  In "Sapphire" Robin, a hard-working waitress, putting her sisters through school, meets Tony, a streetwise billionaire and the two of them start a love/hate relationship.  As time goes on they two become romantically linked and Tony leads Robin to God. Both are from extreme backgrounds with homelessness, abuse, and neglect.  In "Rubies",   Robin had come from a very abusive past, including sexual, and has serious doubts about marrying and sex. 
This is a good 'pass the time' book. It's not real deep or complicated. I felt with the topic matter it could have been more.  For instance maybe not all of the characters from the lesser-than-society turn out well with a quick prayer. As for the writing itself, the writer has a great eye for leading the reader into the story line.  The Robin character is great.  I felt I really got to know  her. It's a nice romance.  Perfect for the beach or kids' naps.   I didn't really like Tony.  They way he acted when they first met was a bit on the sexual harassment side.  I would have liked the writer to go more into the sisters' characters.  Sarah looks like she could be an interesting one to elaborate on and Maxine was left wide open.  Maybe that is all in book 3.  I received this book for free from

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