Wednesday, February 12, 2014

without a trace review

I received "Without a Trace & Blue Bottle Club" 2 in 1 e-book for free in exchange for a review from The Book Club Network.  The two books are not a series and are by separate authors.  Due to length of the e-book (over 600 and some pages) I will review "Without a Trace" by Colleen Coble first and then "Blue Bottle Club" at a later date.  "Without a Trace" is in the   Rock Harbor series by Coble, however, the other books are not necessary to both follow along and enjoy "Without a Trace." 
Bree, a widow whose husband and son's plane went down in the Northern Wilderness a year before, is half of a search-and-rescue-dog team.  Bree and Samson, the dog, not only are looking for her family, but also look for lost campers, hunters, and children as well.  Shortly into the book, Fay, Bree's no good sister-in-law, turns up missing and then dead.  Bree,  a modern day Nancy Drew, is trying to solve the mystery of the how and why in the murder. 
This is a pretty good book, well written, characters are good, the mystery part is well...mysterious.  The main draw back is that the reader is introduced to Rachel, a mentally impaired woman living in the wilderness with a four year old boy that she is not equipped to care for, almost immediately.  This leaves the reader to worry more for the boy than to follow along with the murder mystery.  I wished Rachel had been brought in about half way through.  However, the search and rescue part of the story was incredibly interesting.  I had not read or heard much on that aspect of searching before.  I would recommend this book. 

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