Saturday, February 1, 2014

ghost of sherwood review

You have probably heard the theory that Robin Hood was never a real guy, just a fictional story.  "Ghost of Sherwood" by Wilson Harp is a twist on that theory.  What if all of the things that Robin Hood did really did happen, but Robin Hood was an imaginary scapegoat?  A Hoax.  Harp takes the story and does an excellent job of researching the 12th century England and spins it into a conspiracy theory that would stand the test of centuries. 
I really liked this version.  I have read the theory that Robin Hood was a woman and this book was much more believable.  Robert, the sheriff, is the main character with Sir Guy being the bad guy. The book did seem a little long; I would probably have cut out a little bit. However, it was a fast read.  I would recommend this to conspiracy theorist and history buffs.  I give it a B.  I received this book for free from

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