Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Body image

"Body Image Lies Women Believe" by Shelley Hitz is a book with an assortment of guest writers that write about the lies women believe about themselves and the truth that God tells them.  Women tend to believe the worst, mostly because that is what is being told to them.  But is it true?  Not usually.  Hitz's book covers all sorts of body image lies from weight, to gray hair, to being too pretty.  The writer than pulls scripture to prove that the reality of a woman's value comes from God and is generally not as harsh as the lie.
The writing of this book depends on which author is doing the writing.  Some of the writers are better than others.  Some have better stories than others.  I read it a chapter a day, that way it was easier to follow the points rather than have to switch gears with each writer.  I received this book for free from the Shelley Hitz in exchange for a book blast at the time of release.

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