Friday, May 2, 2014

winner, winner, chicken dinner

In the last month I have won a couple of sweet giveaways.  I thought I would write about them even though I haven't read the books that were included in the packages.  The first was a gift set from Jane Kirkpatrick, the author, from her website.  Included were four signed books:  Where Lilacs Still Bloom; Promises of Hope For Difficult Times; A Simple Gift of Comfort; and her new one, Sincerely Yours.  The package also included stationery, stamps, stickers, a pen, and some little cards.  Most of these things were signed by the author.  All of which was very lucky for me since my daughter is about to graduate from high school in a couple of weeks.  Now she can use these things were for Thank Yous.  My younger daughter was so jealous that she didn't get that package that I had to give her the stickers.  She just LOVED that package. Oh, and I also got some cute little post-its that I now keep by the phone. Here is a link to her website:

The second is a hodgepodge of gifts that was won from  which is a really good website if you are looking for some material geared toward Christian women.  In this package I received two books:  "Roadside Assistance" by Amy Clipston and "If the Show Fits" by Sandra D. Bricker.  I have not read Bricker before so that will be a new experience to look forward to.  I also received a Clipston pen, a National Kidney foundation bracelet (my nephew has kidney disease and is a regular walker for the foundation which I support, so I wear it with pride even if it is orange).  It also had many bookmarks signed by authors including the one and only Beverly Lewis. 

I love to win stuff and I love to tell people what I think of the stuff I won.    After I finish the books I will let you know what I think.  Like I said I have never read Bicker and I have only read one Clipston so these will be reviews that I can't detect; Kirkpatrick is a favorite of mine.  In "Sincerely" she teams up with three other authors:  Cabot, Eakes, and Shorey.  None of which I have ever read, so that will be new to review too.  Better get started!

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  1. Thanks, Beckie! I'm glad you can use those cards and I'm delighted you're happy with the package. Thanks for entering and for writing this cute blog about being a winner!