Tuesday, May 20, 2014

death by the book review

"Death By the Book" is the second book in the Drew Farthering Mystery series written by Julianna Deering.  It would be a good idea to read the first one, but not necessary.  In this novel, Drew, an amateur  sleuth in 1930's England, becomes involved in a serial killers' web.  The Hatpin Killer begins killing in the area of Farthering St. John and the clues and murders get closer to Drew by the day.
In this installment, Madeline's Aunt Ruth is introduced into the story.  Aunt Ruth in a hoot.  She says exactly what you are thinking.  You're gonna love her.  For instance the observation that rich people around Drew just keep being killed is a little on the odd side. She's the only one that points it out.  As for the writing, the dialogue takes a little getting used to as it is upper crust English of the 30's.  They say "I daresay" an awful lot.  However, the twist and turns, the clues, all lead the brain to try and figure it out.  You will never see the end coming.  I dare you to figure out the killer.  I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review from Bethany House Publishing. 

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  1. Looking forward to reading this one. Loved book one, so this was on my "highly anticipated" list. :)