Sunday, June 19, 2011

the daughters walk review

I received "The Daughter's Walk" by Jane Kirkpatrick for free from  This book starts off with two women, a mother and daughter, walking across America for $10,000 in 1896.  The legitimate reason to walk is to save the family farm, but in reality it is because mom wants to have some fun.  The women end up not making it in time to please the sponsors and not receiving the money.  They are then stuck in New York for several months.  Meanwhile, their family back home is hit with diptheria.  This causes the family to develope a deep anger towards the mother and Clara, the daughter.  Clara then leaves home on her own to make her way in life completely seperated from her family.  Most of the book is her journey through life with a surragate family.
This is a true story.  Some of it has been expanded on fictionally.  There is an author's note in the back saying which parts are true and which are embellished. I also looked up some original articles from when the walk took place in newspapers that are now online. This is a really good book.  The characters are very well developed.  Even the less mentioned characters have a very real quality about them.  It also covers a lot of women's sufferage.  This was a time of disregard for women and they had few if any choices.  This is the story of some women who made choices.  Some were not the best choices.  Some were down right stupid.  But at least it was their choice to make.  Loved it.  Suggest you read it.  Men probably might not relate.  It is a very "women's" book. 

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