Thursday, June 23, 2011

a reluctant queen review

I received "A Reluctant Queen" by Joan Wolf (e-book) for free from  You may have read Esther from the Holy Bible and this is her story with a few tweeks and historical data.  Esther is a half Jew half Persian girl who is sent by her Jewish uncle to the king in attempts to become queen.  Though she is nowhere near the ideal Persian queen she is accepted and serves as queen.  Her destiny is to save the Jewish people. 
The nuts and bolts of the biblical story are there and a lot of historical facts have been added to give background to the original story.  However, in order to make a novel out of it and make it so that the modern American woman would want to read it, it was made into a love story.  The original is not.  For instance, the king is a nice guy.  Even to women.  This is the third historical book I have read as of late that was about the treatment and lives of women in various times of the past and might I say:  we can all be thankful that we are living in the modern age.  We can go where ever we chose in whatever clothing we wish and say what we want when we get there.  Will we be respected by men when we arrive?  Probably not, but we can go there in whatever fashion we choose.  And that is a huge step up.  This is a great love story.  You will fall in love with the king and root for Esther every step of the way.

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