Tuesday, June 7, 2011

never knowing review

Never Knowing by Chevy Stevens was given to me free from http://www.goodreads.com/ .  This is a novel about a woman who decides to find her biological parents.  Sara, mom of 6 year old Ally, was adopted at birth by a childless couple, who then as it ironicaly works, has two children naturally after the adoption.  Sara was singled out by her adopted father as the "adopted" one.  As an adult, Sara hires a private investigator to find her birth parents.  Her mother is found and is known to be the only surviving victim of the Campsite Killer, a serial killer.   Her mother was raped before escaping and in that act Sara was concived.  With the wonders of the internet, the world finds out about Sara's parentage as does her father, the Campsite Killer. 
Now, I gotta say I wasn't real impressed with this book.  It sounds like a good story, probably make a good slasher movie.  But I couldn't really like Sara, and I really didn't like her kid.  I couldn't get real anxious or even really care if the killer was out to get them because I was so annoyed by them.  It could have been terrifying or even taken in a different direction and been a wacky case of the serial killer father.  But no,  I was left annoyed.  Not a bad book really, just not my thing.

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