Thursday, June 30, 2011

pieces of light review

I received "Pieces of Light" by Julie Cave (e-book) for free from  Pieces of Light is the third in the Dinah Harris Mysteries by Julie Cave.  In this book Dinah is a fired former FBI agent who is working as a concultant with FBI agents in solving the church bomber case.  There are really three stories running side by side in this book.  There is also Isabella, an abused wife.  She is the child of an alcoholic who abused her entire family on a daily basis.  Thirdly, there is Sen. Winters, a crooked politician with his sights set on ruining the Christian faith and using that as a step stool to the presidency. 
I have not read the previous two stories, so there are instances where I am not sure what they are talking about.  For example, the Winters side story has a small connection to the church bomber story, but no real reason to be in the book.  There is evidence that if I had read the other two I would have followed that storyline better.  I also think there are too many "issues" going on.  There is alcoholism, cutting, emotional abuse, physical abuse, separation of church and state, christianity, bombing, etc.  However, the issues bring up many wonderful points and give the reader a great deal to think about.  But it's almost as if she could not decide what to write about so she wrote about it all.  The book is a good think piece, but maybe the Winters/church & state story line should have been a seperate book.

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