Thursday, October 13, 2011

out of the shadows review

I received "Out of the Shadows" by Sigmund Brouwer (e-book) for free from  This is the second Brouwer book I have read and I am thinking his usual style is mystery with a ton of twists and turns.  In this story Nick, a southerner, is growing up in his uncle's house with his awful cousin and his cute neighbor.  Nick's mother disapears when he is 10.  Fast forward 8 years to a car wreck involving Nick; Claire, the cute neighbor; Pennington, the cousin from hell, and Claire's little brother.  This wreck starts another turning point in Nick's life as this is when he loses his leg and Claire's brother loses his life.  Fast forward again 20 years and the reunion is a bit sticky.  Nick is out to find out what happened to his mother and why Claire is no longer in his life. 

To start off with I found it hard to stick with the book, but once it got going, I was captivated.  It has plenty of mystery(or should I say mysteries) and some information is held back till the end to keep you guessing.  The problem is Nick might be the most gullible man in the fictional world.  I was always one step ahead of him.  And not because of my intelligence. Nick is a little slow to catch on.  But I still liked him.  He was a cool guy.

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