Monday, October 3, 2011

waking hours review

I received "Waking Hours" by Lis Wiehl (e-book) for free from  This is a pretty awesome book.  I really hope it turns into a series.  The site says it is, that it is #1 in the East Salem series.  I have read some of the other series by Wiehl, the Triple Threat Series.  I like it, but it rings a little too similar to Patterson's Women's Murder Club.  However, East Salem doesn't seem like anything else I have read. Wiehl takes a turn for the paranormal.  It is about a court psychologist, Dani,  employeed to help find criminals and her sidekick ex-NFL standout turned PI, Tommy; and the two together must solve a ritualistic murder of a teenage girl in East Salem. 
Personally, I think this book is 10 times better than her Triple Threat Series.  It is original, funny, smart, romantic (which is weird since there technically is no romance at all), and addictive.  This is a must read.

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