Tuesday, October 4, 2011

a river to cross review

I received "A River to Cross" by Yvonne Harris for free from Bethany House Publishers.  "A River to Cross" is a Historical Christian Romance.  The lead character, Elizabeth, is a DC socialite who has come to Texas to help her widowed brother raise his child.  While there she has gone to work for him at his newspaper and managed to get herself kidnapped by Mexicans.  Her knight in shining armour is Jake, a Texas Ranger, who comes to save her and accidently falls in love with her.
This is a pretty pradictable and sappy love story.  Elizabeth is what one might call fiesty.  Which is a synonym for dumb, angry woman.  She's always taking offense and though she can't seem to do much that is worth while in the desert, thinks she should be valued and admired.  Remember:  she can't even feed herself. (can't cook)  Anyway, I didn't really like it.  Didn't like Elizabeth.  Not much of a romance novel kinda gal.  However!  I left this book lying around and my 15 year old daughter picked it up and started reading it and she loves it.  Sooooo, I guess this is for the young at heart and the romantic notioned.

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