Tuesday, October 16, 2012

damsel in distress review

"Damsel in Distress" is the re-release of a 1992 novel written by Shannon Drake, aka Heather Graham, now in digital.  Graham must have a dozen personalities.  She can write any genre, any style.  She does romance, mystery, paranormal, you name it, she can write it.  This e-book is a traditional romance with all of the cliches and passion that that entails.  Kat is a countess who is being dealt to the highest bidder.  The prince wants to give her to the evil de la Ville.  King Richard gives her to Montjoy, a knight.  Knight in shining armor if you will.  Both Kat and Montjoy are related to Robin Hood, who plays a bit part in the book. 
It almost seems there is too much going on.  We have 12 Century English politics, Robin Hood, the Crusades, and the love story which is kinda attached to all of the other stories.  I thought it was ok.  I'm a fan of Graham, but not really of Avon romances.  It is well written and well researched.  A little heavy on the cliche phrases and heaving bosoms and aching desires.  But some people really like heaving bosoms.
I received this book for free from www.netgalley.com.

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