Tuesday, October 2, 2012

this scarlet cord review

"This Scarlet Cord" by Joan Wolf is a fictional account of the love story of Rahab from the book of Joshuah from the Old Testament.  To say this is from the Old Testament would be a large exaggeration.  There are a lot of liberties taken with this story.  It is well researched as to the time period and it is historically acurate that I can tell, but to say it is biblical would be false.  It is a fictional piece that is biblically inspired.  Rahab is a prostitute living in Jericho during the time when Joshuah conquers Jericho with the Jewish army.  Rahab hides the spies and later marries one.  In this book, Rahab is a farmer's daughter who is visiting Jericho and comes across the spies.  Though not true, it is an interesting story.  Especially for women.  The way women are portrayed during this time is heartbreaking at best.  Rahab's father is in Jericho in order to "sell" her to the highest bidder for marriage.  Marriage, slavery, very thin line.  I received this book for free from www.booksneeze.com.

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