Tuesday, October 23, 2012

bones are forever review

"Bones Are Forever" by Kathy Reichs in the latest in her Temporance Brennan series about a forensic anthropologist who solves crimes.  In this one she is working in Canada and is trying to solve the case of the woman leaving dead babies all over Canada like some sort of morbid Hensel and Gretal.  I don't read the Brennan books in order so I haven't figured out why she sometimes works in the US and sometimes works in Canada.  But, anywho, she's in Canada.  The trail of dead babies leads her to the severe North of Canada where the baby trail leads to a drug/prostitution ring and a diamond mining saga. 
My opinion of this one is that, though all of the Brennan I have read thus far are great, this one is not as great as the others.  She gets very technical about not only bones and forensics, but also diamond mining.  Probably a little too technical.  I kind of gazed over some on it.  However, the baby story line is incredibly intriguing without being more than one can handle reading.  It also has lots of action and even a little humor.  Definitely worth the read. I received this book for free from www.edelweiss.abovethetreeline.com.

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