Friday, January 4, 2013

come to the table review

"Come to the Table" by Neta Jackson is the second book in the Souled Out Sisters series.  It is the third series in relation to the Yada Yada series.  The first series is the Yada Yada Series, then the House of Hope series, now this one.  There is also a Yada Yada Brothers series.  Kat, a new Christian, is still bouncing around Chicago with a ton of ideas and absolutely no idea what she is doing.  She is still dumpster diving and trying to save the world without any idea of what the world needs.  In Come to the Table, Kat is living with Nick and Bree, friends from college, and Rochelle and Conny, Avis' daughter and grandson.  Rochelle is desperate to get out of her situation, she is previously homeless with a child and is HIV positive.  She needs a father for her child and a job.  Oh, and come September she is gonna need a home. 
Kat is called to start a food pantry and is taking a little closer look at the preacher to be, Nick. Personally, I don't know how anyone likes Kat.  For most of the book, she is a self-centered dingbat.  However, about half way through the book, she starts to come around in maturity and intelligence.  She grows in her faith and understands that saving the world is not only not possible, but not a way for herself to be worshiped rather than God.  I like this story line.  I wish the white girl wasn't always so dumb in Jackson's books, but, the white supporting characters thankfully are a little more smart and less naive.  I am a fan of Jackson; I read all her books, I am not disappointed here.  I like the young aspect and hope Rochelle becomes the main character in another one of her series. B+

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