Friday, January 11, 2013

santa turns green

I won "When Santa Turned Green" by Victoria Perla on Tommy Nelson's Facebook page in the Countdown to Christmas giveaway.  This hardback is an environmentally friendly children's picture book that gives the lowdown on global warming and what children can do about it.  It tells the story of Santa becoming aware that the North Pole is changing and he sounds the alarms for the children of the world to make a difference and become active in their world. 
I read this book to my 8 year old.  She said it was a good book.  However, she didn't have any notions to change habits to save the environment.  It pretty much struck her as entertainment.  We are a fairly active family as far as environmental concerns:  compost old food, plant garden and can/freeze our own fruit and vegetables, use rabbit manure to fertilize the garden, do not use pop cans or paper plates, tend to reuse all household containers etc.  I do plan to use this book as an example on how she should shut off lights, though.  She could use some work there.  The only fault I had with the book was that the pictures seemed dark or dim.  I would recommend brighter colors. 

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