Thursday, November 1, 2012


I never wanna see another piece of chocolate again!  Well... at least not for a long time.  There is candy everywhere!  We had two Halloween parties in the community.  One at the library and one for UNICEF.  The school partied all day Wednesday.  So now October is over.  Time to get thankful.  In October I read 8 books.  Four were digital, three were paper, and one was audio. 
This Scarlet Cord- Joan Wolf
The Memory Jar- Tricia Goyer
Die Trying- Lee Child
Travelers Rest- Ann Tatlock
Damsel in Distress- Shannon Drake aka Heather Graham
Gone Tomorrow- Lee child
Bones are Forever- Kathy Reichs
Potters Field- Patricia Cromwell.

Nothing really stood out being bad or good.  It was all pretty OK.  Some more OK than others.  Now that football is over, perhaps I can get some more reading done.

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