Monday, March 25, 2013

a movie review

"Something the Lord Made" is a 2004 movie starring Mos Def and Alan Rickman.  This movie takes place between 1930 and 1970.  Alfred Blalock is a surgeon and Vivien Thomas is an out of work construction worker.  Blalock is played by Rickman, and in case you can't figure out where you've seen him before, he is Professor Snape.  Apparently he is aging backwards.  Part of Blalock's work is experimenting with dogs to discover new methods of surgery.  If that makes you angry, my PETA loving friends, just think of your infant dying and I am sure you won't mind a bit.  Thomas, a black man, gets a job as a lab janitor for Blalock.  He sweeps and shovels poop.  Blalock quickly sees potential in Thomas and puts him to work as a lab assistant and that is followed by eventual experimental surgeon.  The relationship between the two men is extremely close and can be only described as a partnership.  Blalock is the idea man, Thomas makes it possible.  The two needed each other and were trailblazers, not only in the world of medicine, but in the world of racial equality.

True Blalock was primarily interested in progressing in medicine and the racial part came as a necessity; however, it wasn't so much "poor black man must get his due" rather than it was "scientist is so valuable, he must remain regardless of the law or culture."  The relationship becomes strained after the two create the BT shunt.  Blalock receives all of the glory, causing resentment from Thomas.  Blalock also becomes jealous of Thomas when he begins to surpass his mentor.

I am extremely grateful to these two men as well as all of the dogs who lost their lives for this invention of the BT shunt.  My daughter had one put in at one week old to attempt to fix her pulmonary atresia.  She is still alive today because of them.  This is a well made movie, good acting, very informative.  I recommend all people see this movie.  
I won this movie from in celebration of CHD awareness week. 

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