Sunday, March 24, 2013

the guardian review

"The Guardian" by Beverly Lewis is the third novel in the Hickory Hollow series.  These do not need to be read in order.  In this one, Maryanna, a widow with four children, is traveling home in the late evening when Sarah, her youngest, a five year old, falls from the wagon and is knocked unconscious. With all of the men in the Amish community looking for her, she falls asleep and is found by Jodi, a house sitting elementary school teacher who is out for a morning run.  Jodi is also dealing with grief; her sister died from leukemia six months before.  Maryanna's neighbor, Joshua, a widower, is smitten with Maryanna and looking for love with his neighbor; Maryanna is having none of it. 
This novel is primarily about dealing with grief.  In all the characters, their are three widows, two widowers, and a grieving sister.  The plot is kind of loose with no real dilemma, but more of a how-to-deal with grief and how-not-to.  This is not one of  my favorite Lewis novels.  But it is a Beverly Lewis, so it is still pretty good.  I received this book from

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