Saturday, March 2, 2013


February has come and gone.  We finally had a couple of blizzards that kept us in for a couple of weeks. Even lost electricity for a couple of days.  Learned to cook on the woodstove.  Worst of it was going without water.  Our pump on our well is electric.  Had lots of time to read though.  Read 11 books; 6 were paper and 5 were digital.  Since it was Library Lover's month, 4 were checked out from the local libraries.

Hard Twisted- C. Joseph Greaves
The Bridesmaid- Beverly Lewis
Mrs. Lincoln's Dressmaker- Jennifer Chiavini
An Angel by Her Side- Ruth Reid
The Colonel & Little Missie- Larry McMurtry
The Aviator's Wife- Melanie Benjamin
Running Blind- Lee Child
Rebirth- Debbie Brown
Goodbye to Yesterday- Wanda E. Brustetter
Spider Bones- Kathy Reich
61 Hours- Lee Child

The Aviator's Wife was probably the best of the month, Rebirth, the worst.  I'm gonna need to lay off the Jack Reacher books.  I am starting to figure them out too soon.  March 3-8th is Read an e-Book Week.  This week I will be specializing in the digital.

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