Tuesday, March 5, 2013

grits and glory review

"Grits and Glory" by Haley Whitehall is a Civil War fictional drama about a Southerner who goes to the North to fight, but swiftly is recruited to spy on the South and winds up joining the Confederacy to hide.  Did you get all that?  Peter's father is an incredibly wealthy plantation owner with a sadistic streak a mile long when it comes to anyone "under" him.  Peter, who in his younger years served with the Underground Railroad, suffers from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder from the abuse he received and witnessed at the hands of his father.  At 18 Peter moves North and meets Molly.  When the war breaks out, he joins the Union army, only to serve as a spy in the South.  He does a lot of running around hiding and trying not to get caught, but very little spying is being done.  In fact he only reports once. 
The story's plot doesn't have much point in that Peter has no agenda other than "don't get caught"' it is rather entertaining though and it is interesting to watch Peter start to see the other side of life when he has to take on other roles to hide his situation.  It's not really a romance or an action novel.  It's not oozing with new-found facts on the Civil War either.  It is just a nice story in which to pass the time.  It ends like a second book will be written.  Though I didn't absolutely LOVE it, I would definitely read a Part II.  Three out of five stars.  I received this e-book for free from www.librarything.com

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