Tuesday, May 7, 2013


I kinda forgot to do April.  Took a trip to Mississippi and got sidetracked.  Haven't done much reading either.  In April I read 5 digital books, one audio, and 6 real books. Twelve in all.  Not bad, though two were shorts.  Here is the list:

Broken Pieces- TL Higley
Cultivating Heart of Motherhood- Joy Forney
Desperate- Sarah Mae and Sally Clarkson
Sinners and the Sea- Rebecca Kanner
Kindred- Octavia Butler
Invisible- Ginny Yttrup
The Tutor's Daughter- Julie Klassen
The Hatfields and McCoys- Otis
Daughter of Jerusalem- Joan Wolf
Whistle- James Jones
North of Hope- Shannon Polson
\Julianne- Rebekah Lynn

Read some really good ones last month, Can't really pick a winner but Invisible, Whistle, and Kindred would be my top three.

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