Monday, May 13, 2013

Sky Beneath My feet review

"The Sky Beneath My Feet" by Lisa Samson is a novel centering on Beth, a former Quaker, married to a Men's Pastor in a well-to-do church district.  Her husband has been granted a one month's sabbatical at the same time that a job offer has come in.  Rick, decides that the answers lie in the shed (it's a really nice shed), and proceeds to spend a month secluded and entirely alone in the shed armed with pork rinds and a bible.  He is waiting for God to speak to him.  Beth decides her husband has checked out mentally and is left to take care of two teenage sons, continue to do pastor's wife duties, and find God as well. 
This is a pretty funny book, I liked it a lot.  I liked how even though what Rick thought was deep and spiritual, everybody else thought was cuckoo.  It took the "pastor and his wife" out of the stigma it receives in life and make them human and a little crazy too, without being completely nuts.  Beth is a pretty thorough character.  It is easy to get to know her and get to know yourself at the same time.  I liked the journey to find God that both of them took.  And as crazy as it sounds, wouldn't we all like to barricade ourselves in the shed a little while?  I give it an A-.  I received this book for free from

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