Thursday, May 30, 2013

everybody loves felicity

"Take a Chance on Me" by Susan May Warren is a Christiansen Family novel.  I am  no sure if there are other books in this series yet, if there are, it isn't necessary to read them first.  Ivy is a new arrival to the town of Deep Heaven.  She "buys" Darek at a charity auction and is immediately turned off.  He is a classic jerk.  Darek is a widower and father of Tiger, a four year old.  Despite Darek's lack of charm, he becomes infatuated with Ivy.  Eventually attempting to start a relationship with her.  In the way of course, is the memory of his late wife, Felicity.  Everyone loves Felicity.  Even though they really don't.  She is portrayed as the saint of Deep Heaven, but seems more of a manipulative tart. Jensen Atwood, is the man who accidentally killed Felicity and who is the object of Darek's wrath.  Ivy is the one responsible for Jensen's freedom, though Darek is unaware. Claire is Felicity's sidekick.

Warren is a good writer.  The characters are clear, the romance is sweet and I like the idea of the plot. The storyline going back and forth between the characters is easy to follow.  The part that is irritating is the whole Felicity worshipping thing that is going on.  It is well known that once someone dies, they have about 40 more best friends than before they died.  Maybe that is the case here.  If I were Ivy, I don't think I would have stepped into this relationship.  Anyway, the four main characters must learn to live in the present without Felicity and despite her. The try to move on, get to know God, and make decisions for themselves.  I received this book for free from Tyndale Publishers. 

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