Friday, May 17, 2013

captured by moonlight review

"Captured by Moonlight" by Christine Lindsay is a novel that will make you grateful for whatever you have.  If you live in America in modern times, you are fortunate.  This novel is about a couple of women: one a British nurse, and the other an Indian Christian missionary.  The story takes place in post-WWI India, a time when the caste system was alive and well, women were owned, by both the Hindu church or their families, and anyone of the lower caste were subject to anything, and I mean anything, the higher caste wanted  to dish out.  The story opens with the two women stealing a temple girl from the Hindu church for medical aid and freedom.  However, one of the women didn't have freedom herself. I didn't know a lot of this period's history, especially in India.  It takes a long time to read the book.  It isn't a happy one, and the reader will have to break from it from time to time.  Everything seems so hopeless.  Christianity plays a big part in giving the women in this story a reason to go on.  This is a well written and researched book.  However, a feel-good it is not.  I am much more appreciative of being a woman born in modern times, in a modern country, now that I have read this. It is definitely a think piece.  Nice work. I received this book for free from the publisher through in exchange for my honest opinion.

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