Thursday, November 7, 2013

a plain disappearance review

"A Plain Disappearance" by Amanda Flower is the third book in the 'An Appleseed Creek Mystery' series.  The series focuses on Chloe, a computer worker, who moves to Amish country to work at the local college.  In this novel she is courting Timothy, an ex-Amish man, and is solving murders in Knox County.  I have not read the previous two novels in the series and found it not necessary to understand this one.  Though, it would have been helpful.  Chloe and Timothy find the body of Katie, a local Amish girl at an abandon barn and begin to help the local police solve the murder. 
This novel reads like a modern day Nancy Drew.  It is full of sleuthing and clues.  It is relatively tame, but entertaining.  I never did figure out who the killer was in this one.  Not till she told me, of course.  Also I really enjoyed the Tee character and like the dynamic between the two young women. I wished she had put more of her in the book.  There were a couple of things I didn't like.  The stereotypical step-mother routine was a little tiring.  Also, the story was told in first person, so I wish the author had gotten into Chloe's head a little bit more as well. I liked this book.  It was nice.  I will read the other books in this series when I get the chance.  I can't recall who I got this book from.  I know it was in exchange for a review.  I believe it was from Handlebar.  The publisher was B&H Publishing.

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