Tuesday, November 5, 2013

I won!

Recently I won a book and gifts from the blog, Bookworm Lisa. I won the book "Snow Fence Road" which I haven't read yet because I just got it, and I won a few little goodies which I will review now so I don't forget. I received a bag of sunflower chocolates from The Chocolatier. These are sooooo delectible! Similar to Dove chocolates in flavor. Everyone in the family kept eating them. I also won some perfumed foaming bath from Filigree. Smells like thymes. They smell really good. Lastly, I received some earrings from D Kirup Designs. I checked out their website and couldn't find the exact earrings but they had some similar. The average cost was $30 on earrings, so the fact that they were free was a big whopee! I love free stuff. And I really like these earrings. They also had other jewelry to choose from as well. Check out their website: http://www.dkirkupjewelrydesigns.com/index.html.

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