Tuesday, November 26, 2013

The One Year Book of Amish review

"The One Year Book of Amish Peace" by Tricia Goyer is a daily devotional focused on bringing peace to the reader using Amish lifestyle and wisdom.  Each day includes a piece of scripture, a daily devotion with Amish happenings, an Amish proverb, and a short prayer.  I am waiting for the new year to read the book straight through, so I can't tell you how it reads daily, however, I have read random days from the book so that I could give you a taste of how the book reads.  The one that moved me the most was the day that brought quiet to the day.  It spoke of how Amish don't have a lot of excess noise in their life (ironically someone is banging metal on the other side of this wall) and how without the TV, radio, extra talking, they can become more in tune with God and their world.  So I tried this.  It is amazing how much you can take in on the surroundings without the excess chatter from the radio, etc.  I am not sure that the Amish are any more wise or happy than the rest of the world, but it sure is nice to visit their world now and then.  I received this book for free from the author.

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