Sunday, March 30, 2014

Bixler's Desires of my heart review

I received "Desires of my Heart: Meditation on Psalm 34:7" from the author Heather Bixler.  Each chapter includes scripture and writings from the author.  Bixler's prime desire is for another child.  However, she and her husband have already had a form of sterilization performed.  She has changed her mind and is desperate for a fourth child.  That is the desire from which this book is written.  The goal of the book is to lead the reader to trust God and to let him lead your life.  Most of this book is thoughts and scripture about this concept.  I believe she has completed this goal.
I have read Bixler before, her work tends to be personal and thorough.   Though this wasn't one of my favorites, it was still pretty good.  I would recommend it for anyone looking at a big decision in their lives.  Three and a half stars. 

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