Monday, March 10, 2014

summer kisses review

"Summer Kisses" by Melinda Curtis is a not too hot/not too cold romance given to me in exchange for an honest review by The Sweet Team Read and Review.  This novel involves Becca, a nurse's aid specializing in assisting the elderly while dying; and Flynn, a rich man who likes to handy man on the side whose grandfather has recently had a stroke.  Flynn's grandfather hires Becca, who has a bit of a past, and of course she meets and falls for Flynn. 
Though this is a romance novel, so therefore a bit predictable; it is still a pretty good read.  The romance isn't over the top, it is just right.  A bit enticing, yet low key.  The story follows Edwin, the grandfather, as he tries to save his town from becoming obsolete.  Which gives them all a goal of sorts.  I liked this story.  It would make a good vacation read.  Not too involving, you can easily do other things while reading, yet sweet and romantic. 

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