Sunday, November 6, 2011

civil war reinactment

I received "A Sound Among the Trees" by Susan Meissner for free from Waterbrook Press.  Let me start off with I love this author and I love this book.  Meissner tends to parallel history and the present into brilliant literature.  In this one she maintains the present for most of the book leaving the reader in the dark and constantly guessing at what is going on.  Building the suspense up more and more as the story plays out.  About 2/3 of the way through she brings the reader to the past through letters that have been hidden for over 100 years.  This is one of those read all the time till it's gone books.  Love this!
Holly Oaks is a house in Virginia dating back to before the Civil War.  The house holds several generations of women, all of whom leave their mark on the house and what is considered "ghosts".  Merrielle marries Carson, a widowed father with two children, whom she meets online.  He lives at Holly Oaks with his deceased wife's grandmother. The story follows the two women as they get used to each other, the situation, and the "ghosts".  Then the story leads to the Civil War era where Holly Oaks houses Susannah, her grandmother, mother, and slave girl.  This part of the story explains who is indeed haunting Holly Oaks.  Is it the house itself?  Is it Susannah?  Or is it just life working out in a lousy coincidence?  Something is haunting these women.

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