Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Last Fall review

I received "The Last Fall" (e-book) by Glenn James for free.  This is my second Glynn James book and I liked it much better than the last.  This book is more of a novella.  I read it in one night.  Little longer than a short story.  "The Last Fall" is about a man on Earth that has decided to commit suicide when he is interupted by Joshua and given a new purpose in life in another world.  Xeno, which is his new name in his new world, has been given the job to find out where and how the last stand of humans occured before they were wiped out by Nua'Lath.  He and his sidekick, Bailey, travel for 12 years to find out what happened.  (They never age.)  The story is narrated by Xeno and told to his son.
Science Fiction really isn't my favorite genre.  Usually avoid it all together.  This one is futuristic and has man eating zombie like things.  However, as far as science fiction goes, this is a  pretty good book.  Well written and interesting.  It is easy to follow and not so annoying with all the weird huha that usually accompanies science fiction.  I would easily recommend it to someone who enjoys science fiction and maybe even someone who doesn't and is looking for something short and different.

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