Tuesday, November 15, 2011

In the Nam

Frank Loveless is a self-centered jerk and he is in Nam. I received "Loveless in the Nam" by Jim Boersema from Dorrance Publishing. Boersema is a former military man and this strikes as a biographical book, though it is fiction.  This is unlike any war book I have ever read.  There is no deep message.  There is no good versus evil or making a man out of Loveless.  He doesn't grow or mature due to his situation.  He joined and fought and continued to be a self-centered ass.  And I LOVED it!!!!  Loveless is the Erica Kane of Vietnam.  No one would ever want him watching their back in the jungle.  I wouldn't want him watching my back on the football field.  Heck, I would put my hand on my purse if he was watching my back in an elevator.  He is a screwball.  And yet, you keep rooting for him and hope he gets away with it.  This is an awesome book.
It is 1968 and Frank Loveless has been drafted and sent to Vietnam.  Though is a college graduate and an officer, he is sent to infantry.  Mostly due to his own horniness.  He takes us through basic and officers school, the jungle, R&R, and POW camp.  Strangely, this book is a hoot.  I don't think I have ever laughted so much during a war novel, much less a Vietnam one.  In the prologue it is implied that this is the beginning of a series.  Man, I hope so.  I received a complimentary copy of (Book Title) as a member of the    
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